What is Esoteric Astrology?

Humanity is entering a 2,160 year cycle called the Age of Aquarius, where astrology will gradually evolve toward that which is known as Esoteric Astrology. Esoteric Astrology looks towards causes rather than effects, to the life of the human soul that lies behind the outer form, the body.

The soul is that imperishable, perpetual existence that takes repeated cyclic embodiments - in male or female bodies and in varying cultures; part of its purpose is to expand consciousness, and to work out karma. More...


Libra and Money:
The Old Paradigm & Corporate Entities

An Esoteric Historical Overview
Potential Corporate ransformation: Resource Sharing
Externalisation of Third Ray Ashram
Venus -Re-Examination of Values
Steve Jobs - Transition Decision

Esoterically, Libra rules money and is associated with money for several reasons:

1. In northern hemisphere symbolism, The Scales of Libra represent the harvest of the previous sign Virgo, that is weighed, bartered or exchanged.

2. Libra is ruled by Venus, long associated with gold and wealth - in its lower outer expression. In its higher expression Venus is the radiant golden light of the illumined mind or the causal body. Venus also rules Taurus, another sign associated with money and its acquisition; esoterically Taurus is the 'mother of illumination'. Note the higher themes of light and illumination of which gold is the symbol. More...


Scorpio Full Moon 2011:
Occupy the Planet

"Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant."

Occupy the Planet: The Soul of Humanity Takes Charge
The Horoscope of Occupy Wall St: Scorpio Rising
Scorpio and the Star Sirius
Scorpio and the Triumphant Battle
The Scorpio Entity, Qantas
Equilibrating of the Moon and Earth Chain Souls
Julian Assange Update, Moon in Scorpio
Israel's Chiron in Scorpio and Its Mars Return
Final Word from Scorpio, Theodore Roosevelt

In the few short weeks that the Occupy Movement has been birthed, it has become the fastest growing group EVER in the history of the USA, if not the world. We have heard all the slogans, from Occupy Wall St (OWS), to occupy thousands of cities around the world, occupy the Fed, occupy the future, Occupy the Now, occupy Qantas, occupy Sirius, Occupy Yourself and so on. Occupy is a command and resolution, an affirmation and an ideal. More...


The Information Revolution:
Wikileaks and Julian Assange

"Wikileaks could become as important a journalistic tool as the Freedom of Information Act." - Time Magazine.

The information revolution is related to the third ray of active intelligence. The world currently finds itself in an intense phase of this ray cycle. The third ray rules computers and the types of minds that write or hack codes; it is closely associated with the fifth ray of science and both rays currently rule over the Western races. More...



Destiny of the Races
and Nations II: Astrological and Ray Cycles in History

Phillip Lindsay

The author always endeavours to make practical this sometimes very abstruse science, hence there are many references to current world events such as the Japanese Tsunami, the Chilean Earthquake, World Kalachakra, Occupy Wall Street, the world financial crisis, the Wikileaks affair or the blending of races and cultures. There is a large section of essays on the United States of America.

The five planetary chakras is another subject that is explored in-depth, including the major centres in the USA. Likewise the destiny of South America and the Sixth Rootrace is investigated, with its connection to the Mayans, 2012 and the planetary centre we call Shamballa. More/Buy...


Capricorn the Unicorn

Capricorn the Unicorn
Capricorn the Sea-Goat: Varuna, Neptune, the Sea Gods
Saturn, Structure, Destruction
Venus and Intelligent Love
Capricorn: Magic and Mystery
J.R.R. Tolkien. Lord of the Rings
The Lord of the Rings: A Movie for the Masses
Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh

Last year's newsletter on Capricorn covers a little more about the Unicorn, its symbolism and relation to the Lion (Leo).[2] The unicorn is sometimes depicted with a goat's beard, perhaps symbolic of the wisdom accrued by the goat on its transformational journey to the mountain top.

The unicorn has always been a symbol of spiritual purity and grace; in ancient myths it could only be captured by a virgin, alluding to the relationship of Capricorn to another earth sign, Virgo.

The single horn was believed to transform poisoned water and to heal. Until the nineteenth century, belief in unicorns was widespread among historians, alchemists, writers, poets, naturalists, physicians and theologians.[3] The unicorn is also a symbol of transformation from the centaur in Sagittarius, the previous sign to Capricorn. More...


Aquarius and the Fifth Rootrace: The Coming Sixth Rootrace

A Brief Overview of History: Three Major Crises in the Three Rootraces

Although there are seven rootraces to every great round or manvantara of evolution, the first two and a half were etheric and did not ‘individualise’, hence three strictly human rootraces have elapsed. The crises of these three rootraces are symbolised by the following numbers – representing branchrace, subrace and rootrace:

3.3.3 – human individualisation, birth of the human soul in ancient Lemuria 21.6 million years ago.
4.4.4 – the Atlantean war and the physical destruction of Atlantis around 4 million years ago.
5.5.5 – culmination of the development of manas or mind around 2,000 CE – 16,000 CE.

These are not just ‘convenient’ figures (although they serve as such), but are profoundly descriptive of stages of consciousness that mark the major signposts of esoteric history. More...


A Brief Esoteric History:
Evolution of Consciousness
through the Rootraces

The secret history of the world is revealed in many traditions, the durations of which far surpass the miniscule figures used in modern times. H.P. Blavatsky (HPB) brought together many of these historical and chronological strands in her magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine (1888), a major foundation stone for the emerging Aquarian cycle.

Throughout HPB’s works are scattered details of this ancient history – culled from the Vedas, Upanishads, the Zend Avesta, Old Testament and so forth.

(In the interests of simplicity, I have elected to keep this article relatively footnote-free; most references are from HPB and can be found in my writings where they are fully referenced and footnoted.[1])

In the denial or ignorance of its true origins lies the source of disempowerment for Humanity; in not knowing its divine source, the nature of the human soul or the very lengthy evolution of human consciousness that stretches back some 21 million years. More...



Aries Full Moon 2012
Cusco, Peru: Home of the Sun God
Semana Santa (Easter Week), Cusco.
Señor de los Temblores:
Christ of the Earthquakes
Jesus and the Roman Catholic Church
Exaltation of the Sun in Aries
Fourth Initiation of Jesus
Resurrection and Ascension

Finding myself in Cuzco Peru, writing the Aries newsletter seems most appropriate, why? Because the Sun is exalted in Aries and Cusco is the home of the Incan sun god. At the winter solstice every year at 0 degrees Cancer, the Incas summoned the Sun god through a spectacular festival called Inti Raymi, still celebrated on June 22 every year. When the sun was at its furthest distance from the equator, the sun deity would be invoked, entreating him to draw nearer, lest he be lost in the dark cosmos, praying for a good harvest and protection against famine and hunger.

Aries is one arm of the cardinal cross that it shares with Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The same significance of this southern hemisphere festival can be applied for Capricorn in the northern hemisphere. The cardinal cross traces the journey of the Sun through the two equinoxes and two solstices every year. Perhaps this is why Cusco was regarded as the 'four-sided sun empire'. More...



Soul Cycles
of the Seven Rays II:
Esoteric Astrology
and Initiation.

Phillip Lindsay

These essays range over a variety of zodiac sign perspectives from Aries to Pisces, esoterically considered. Topics covered include the Japanese Tsunami, Chilean Earthquake, World Kalachakra, Occupy Wall Street and Wikileaks. There are profiles of William Blake, George Washington, Dennis Kucinich, Barack Obama, Julian Assange, Steve Jobs, Benjamin Netanyahu, Sir David Attenborough, J.R.R. Tolkien, Nikos Kazantzakis, Edgar Cayce, Rudolph Steiner, Geoffrey Hodson, Da Free John, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson. The bonus essay is The Lives of Francis Bacon, delving into the previous incarnations of the One known as the Master R, or Count St Germain. More/Buy...


Origins Odyssey: Travel Blog # 6
Greece and Crete: Part III: Crete

Crete: Foundation of Europe
Crete, Manu Master Hilarion
The Temple of Knossos:
The Minotaur's Maze
Mt Idi: Birthplace of Zeus
Asger Lorentsen and
The Golden Foundation

Sailing across on the ferry from Athens to Crete gave a sense of excitement and expectation, as such voyages always do - a journey into the unknown, into the past, into some of the oldest mysteries that lay hidden in the mind of time.

Traveling in ever-trusty Monty the motor home, I spent a few months exploring and living on Crete, broken by a six week visit to the USA for the University of the Seven Rays annual conference in April 2011... More...


~ The Astrology of Flight MH370 ~
Part I  ~~~  Part II

"Star of the Hero", by Nicholas Roerich.

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TIME & HISTORY: Re-Establishing
Esoteric Chronology
in World History

This essay explores the problem of TIME as applied to human history thus far unfolded; it looks at the dating methods of science and precession cycles used by the ancients in traditions such as the Hindu, Egyptian and Mayan civilisations. Some highlights of the past are examined, such as the origin of the human soul, the mystery of how apes were created, why the great Atlantean war and subsequent cataclysm ensued, through to the present day, into the next rootrace.

In many disciplines, whether it is consensus or alternative archeology, anthropology, geology or other sciences, a major problem within and between these sciences is the factor of time. The lack of a clear perception about TIME and the true historical chronology of this planet is the major impasse that is preventing a clear understanding of human history. More...




The Five Planetary Centres, Part II

The Master Djwhal Khul, who has given the teachings for the New Age, said that He purposefully scattered the teachings in all His books, to force the student to make connections, so as to awake the dormant cells in the brain and arrive at right understanding independently.

It is clear therefore, that each student has to do this work of connecting by themselves and to arrive at their own personal conclusion. DK also said that students grow by finding the answer to their own questions and nobody should do it for them. Hence no student should expect to find the right presentation of thought given by anyone and that they all have to work by themselves. More...


Authentic Sacred Jewelry and Talismans: Masterfully Crafted by Artist David Weitzman.

The symbols embodied in David's jewels reveal the truth about our identity and the true nature of reality. Each jewel prototype goes through an energizing process consisting of a special meditation to invoke inner contentment and self-realization. Each individual jewel is hand-finished to facilitate healing, balance, and self-discovery while inspiring the wearer’s journey towards the totality and unity of their whole self.

Among David's work one you will find Sacred Geometry Jewelry such as the Flower of Life, authentic Astrology Jewelry, Motivational Jewelry and many more. To learn more please visit Ka Gold Jewelry.


The Blending of Races and Cultures:
Moving Toward a New Race and Universal Religion

Perceptions of Current World Events
Reaction to Planetary ‘Islamisation’
Jews and Arabs: The Semitic Subrace
The Greater Cycles of the Races and the Yugas
The Lesser Cycles of Pisces and the Sixth Ray
The New Group of World Servers
The Three Main Groups of Humanity
The New World Religion
Serving the Greater Whole Through Right Relationships

This essay examines current world crises of racial and cultural assimilation, with an emphasis upon the crisis within the Arab Muslim world, where a revolution in consciousness is taking place. The situation is viewed within the esoteric context of the greater and lesser cycles, ray and astrological influences. It is proposed that these events are the crises that will eventually lead to a New World Religion - that recognises all faiths as part of the one Whole. More...


Nazi Germany
An Astro-Historical Analysis

This essay explores the rise of Nazism in Germany from the period of the Industrial Revolution in Europe through the time of Bismarck, until World War II. Horoscopes of the various protagonists are examined and compared so that a picture emerges of the forces that helped to shape one of the most significant events of the Twentieth century.

To paraphrase the great philosopher George Santayana, those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes. Hence, the importance of understanding history so Humanity does not stay bound to the wheel of samsara; just as individual souls learn their repeated lessons over many lifetimes, eventually liberating themselves, contributing to the greater pool of collective consciousness. More ...


Become as Little Children:
The New World Religion

The Master Jesus once said: “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

“At the first great Initiation the Christ is born in the disciple. It is then that he realizes for the first time in himself the outpouring of the divine Love, and experiences that marvellous change which makes him feel himself to be one with all that lives. This is the `Second Birth,' and at that birth the heavenly ones rejoice, for he is born into `the kingdom of heaven,' as one of the `little ones,' as a `little child'—the names ever given to the new Initiates. Such is the meaning of the words of Jesus, that a man must become a little child to enter into the Kingdom."

Some of you may think this as very basic and even platitudinous, and it is. Nevertheless, it is still a healthy attitude to maintain in this age of claim-making, false prophets and over-blown egos – even in the field of occultism. How our innocence can be taken over by blind ambition, when aspiring to become a ‘rich young man’. The innocent becomes the worldly and world-weary. How do we maintain that balance? Utter simplicity is one key to staying childlike. More...


The World Jewish Glamour:
A Change in Attitude

(Transcript USR Conference 2011)

The Methuselah Project is an initiative started in 2007 by a group of students of the Ageless Wisdom that seeks to address the world glamour related to the Jews. We are well aware of the controversy and the difficulties surrounding the Jewish situation. The separativeness which seems to be inbuilt in the Jewish people and a corresponding rejection by the rest of the world has compounded an ancient and deep-seated glamour.

The Master Djwhal Khul (D.K.) has called this a major world problem, and has stated that because of its great significance, it is definitely part of his Ashram’s work.

Hence The Methuselah Project seeks to contribute to the New Group of World Servers a fresh understanding, through the creation of a new thought-form that will absorb and redeem the old one. The Methuselah Project also gives subjective support to all individuals and groups who are seeking solutions to the Jewish question.

In order to heal this world problem, we need to make the effort to look beyond and beneath the outer appearance, penetrating deep into the roots. More...


Taurus Full Moon 2012 (Wesak)

"The Month of May is one of deepest significance to all who are affiliated with the Great White Lodge (as are all true esotericists), in that the Wesak Festival takes place and is of moment and deep import. The period is always one of prime interest and rare opportunity ..."[1]

The Three Major Spiritual Festivals
Venus and Taurus: Light and Wisdom
Taurus the Bull: Nandi, Vulcan and Shiva
Ajna Centre and the Third Eye
Taurus Rules the New Group of World Servers
The Great Opportunity at Wesak
Solar Eclipse Conjunct Alcyone - May 20, 2012
May 20 Eclipse in the Mayan Tradition
Eclipse Path Links East and West
Venus Eclipse on the Gemini Full Moon

Taurus is the second of the three major solar festivals that set the tone for each year. The initiating fire of Aries precipitates to earthy Taurus and is distributed in airy Gemini. However, Taurus or the Wesak Festival is the most important of these three full moon periods - a time of unique opportunity, particularly for co-perative group work by those conscious servers of the Plan:

"Endeavour to make the Wesak Festival a universal festival and known to be of value to all people of all faiths. It is the festival in which the two divine Leaders, of the East and of the West, collaborate together and work in the closest spiritual union; the Christ and the Buddha use this festival each year as the point of inspiration for the coming year's work. See that you do likewise. The spiritual energies are then uniquely available." More...


Shamballa and the Mayan Calendar: Brazil and the Sixth Rootrace. Part I.

“… Brazil will function as the leading division of the great sixth race ... [Brazil] will later represent the best of that which the Latin races have eventually to give … Brazil, (or rather what that country will then be called …) will represent a linking interpreting civilisation, based upon the unfoldment of the abstract consciousness, which is a blend of the intellect and the intuition, and which reveals the wisdom aspect of love in its beauty.” [1]

As the Sixth Rootrace does not manifest for another 25,000 years, the reference to ‘Brazil’ (‘what that country will then be called‘) probably includes an area across South America that incorporates other nations like neighbouring Bolivia and Peru. More...


Origins Odyssey: Travel Blog # 5. Greece and Crete
(Part II)

Introduction: Peru>Knee>Australia.
Mycenae and the Cyclopean Giants
Delphi, Apollo and Pythia

Each travel blog lately has required some more recent news before back-tracking to catch up on overdue blogs. And so at this point in June 2012, I have recently returned to my native Australia, although that is a strange phrase these days as I feel more like a visiting backpacker!

Nevertheless, as mentioned in the introduction to Travel Blog #4, my knee had been giving me trouble on my second Saturn return, forcing me eventually to put my South American sojourn on hold, to return to Australia and utilise the medical facilities here. More...


Scorpio Full Moon 2014

Illusion and Initiation
Emotional Independence
Scorpio & Ophiucus, the Serpent Bearer
Scorpio & Aesceplius the Healer

As a part of the watery trigon of Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio is known for its intense emotional testing, ultimately culminating after many lifetimes - at the second degree initiation, where complete control of the astral body is demonstrated. The second degree is ... More ...


Libra Full Moon 2014

War, Peace and the Smoke of Battle. Solar Storms.
Jupiter in Leo and the Pointer Stars.
Mercury Retrograde in Libra.
USA's Perpetual War. Guns Guns Guns Aries-Libra.
Libra the Law and Judgement.
Manipulation of the Law: Social and Spiritual
Italy: Turin and Rome Visit

Libra is known as the Peacemaker, the sign that subdues the warring pairs of opposites - individually, in groups and in nations. Libra the Scales weighs the balance between Libra and its opposite sign Aries, ruled by Mars, the god of war. Venus, as ruler of Libra, is the harmonising factor. Venus and Mars were lovers in ancient mythology, pointing to the union of opposites, male and female and the Libran theme of sex. More ...


Virgo Full Moon 2014

Illumination & Revelation
Cosmic Virgo: Ancient Sign
Virgo: 6th Sign. 6 Pointed Star
Virgo: 9th Month, Gestation, 9
Virgo, Celibacy and Sex

The genius and uniqueness of Virgo is that it produces the form  as well as stimulates the life within that form and, therefore, nourishes and energises two lives simultaneously."

In exoteric astrology, Virgo is known as precise, meticulous, perfectionist, a nurturer and healer, discriminating and analytical, but also critical and fault-finding. These are all traits of the developing mind of humanity. More...


Leo Full Moon 2014
Jupiter in Leo: Royal Planet in a Royal Sign
Leo and Group Work
Spiritual Leaders
Mars in Scorpio: Applying the Blowtorch

Leonine Anatomy of Israel-Gaza Crisis
Zionism. Hamas. Israel's "Terrorism" Excuse.
Hamas: Khalad Meshal.        
Transiting Saturn in Scorpio on Israel's Chart

Jupiter entered Leo on July 16, 2014 for the first time in twelve years. Hence, Jupiter spends approximately one year in each zodiacal sign. As a Sun-ruled sign, Leo is a symbol of creativity, generosity, leadership and royalty. More ...


Cancer Full Moon 2014

Mystery of Water, Blood, NeptuneGod Movedon Face of the Waters
Crop Circles: Patterns of New Consciousness
Samuel Barber: Neptune in Cancer, Pisces Sun

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New Website.

Cancer the Mother is related to the manifestation of all forms, whether it is the birth of souls coming into incarnation and appropriating physical bodies, or soul-inspired ideas precipitating onto the physical plane.

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, governing the earthly tides and building processes in nature. The Moon is exalted in Taurus and rules Virgo esoterically; like Cancer, both signs, are closely aligned with the feminine principle and Mother Nature. More ...


Gemini Full Moon 2014

Communication and Telepathy
Busiris: The False Teacher
Russell Brand: Loquacious Gemini
Great Britain: Gemini soul
Pentecost: Right Human Relations
World Invocation Day
Personal Note: Summer in Europe

Gemini is well known as the sign of commun-ications and the dissemination of information; it is the third of the new year's first three festivals, where the impulse in Aries finds its consolidation in Taurus and distribution through Gemini. The Easter Aries festival celebrates The Christ, the Wesak Taurus festival celebrates the Buddha, whilst the Gemini festival of Goodwill celebrates The Christ again ... more...


Taurus Full Moon 2014
Wesak Festival
Structure of Shamballa
Role of World Servers
Cycles of the NGWS

Israel's Dance with Destiny

The importance of the first three spiritual festivals of the year - Aries, Taurus and Gemini - cannot be emphasised enough. Taurus marks the high-water mark of the spiritual year because those Liberated Beings who guide Humanity, meet in yearly conclave, but this year there is an extra special meeting, as will be elaborated upon later. They gather to receive, literally, the "Word of God", the new impulse that was released in Aries - and transmit the "new codes", the Planetary Plan that is amended annually, through their various subjective ashrams of workers, to Humanity. More ...


Aries Full Moon 2014

Beginning of Creative Process
Impractical Idealism Aspirant

Rage and Revolution
Songkran Festival Chiang Mai
LOST: Flight MH370

As the door to the New Year opens, Aries brings in the theme of creativity and direction, "Aries is the sign of beginnings—the beginning of the creative process, the first step of the soul ... towards incarnation, the beginning of recurring and constant cycles of experience, the beginning of the period wherein the soul changes its direction, its purpose and its method, and finally enters upon that definitely defined process which we call spiritual regeneration and initiation." More ...


Pisces Full Moon 2014

Pluto's Soul Rulership of Pisces
Pisces Pink Floyd, Sixties Music
Ancient Karmic Meaning of, "I leave the Father's home ..."
Putin and Destiny of Russia
Multiple Media Tasks in 2014: Help Needed

Jupiter and Neptune, traditional co-rulers of Pisces, reveal much about this sign; they transmit respectively the energies of the second ray of Love-Wisdom and the sixth ray of Idealism and Devotion; these are coincidentally the only two rays that pass through Pisces, complementing the great sensitivity and mystical nature of this sign. More ...


Aquarius Full Moon 2014

11th Sign & House: Group Relations
Aquarian Shadow: Selfish Groups and Corporations
Why is Uranus the Planet of Occultism?
Uranus, Aquarius and Sex
The Incoming Seventh Ray
Aquarian USA: Dark Night of the Soul
Release of the Djwhal Khul Picture in Colour

The zodiac signs are regarded as the quality of life experience, whilst the houses are the areas of life experience, "The horoscope, built around the Sun sign, is adequate for ordinary [unawakened] humanity. The exoteric planets rule and the [wo]man lives within the limitations of the twelve houses ... the houses concern the prison of the soul and its limitations ... More ...


Capricorn Full Moon 2014

2014: Year of the Cardinal Grand Cross
Capricorn: Life and Death
Capricorn and Initiation
Jupiter in Cancer, Sugar and Revolting Peasants
Capricorn Japan Revisited: Fukushima

On New Year's Day, coinciding with the new moon in Capricorn, the grand cross between Pluto-Uranus, Mars-Jupiter, heralded how 2014 will shape up. Again, in the full moon chart for Capricorn (January 16), the grand cross is still activated, but evolves to an exact focus, April 22-24, 2014. More ...


Sagittarius Full Moon 2013

The Sequence of the Zodiac
Sagittarius, Mars and Emotions
A Tribute to Nelson Mandela: Sagittarius Rising

As the Sun moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius, it continues the sequence of humanity's annual, 'evolutionary exposure' to the zodiac signs - our ongoing revelation about ourselves and our relationship with one another and the world.

All of the signs are related through the three zodiacal crosses, but also sequentially as the graded steps crucial to the unfoldment of consciousness. More ...


Scorpio Full Moon 2013

Trials & Tests of Scorpio
Human Hierarchy
Narcissism & Ahamkara
Scorpion, Snake and Eagle

We gather again to reflect and meditate upon the qualities of the sign through which the Sun travels on its yearly course, culminating at each full moon. In the exploration of Esoteric Astrology, one is always reminded that the signs and planets have many mysteries yet to be revealed.

Astrology is not a finite science and to use a Scorpionic allegory, the deeper one penetrates into the arcana, more profound truths await revelation; richer seams await the persistent miner for the heart of gold. More ...


Libra Full Moon 2013
The Essence of Libra
Libra, Money and the Etheric
Telepathy and the Etheric
Libra Rules the Cusp of the Ages
Right Human Relationships
Rumi & Roerich: Messengers
U.S. Debt: Crisis, Mercury Retro.

Libra is a sign of balance and harmony because it manages to balance the pairs of opposites by taking the middle way between them. Libra's opposite is Aries, the sign of the original impulse, the raison d'être, the beginning of all causes, thoughts and actions that eventually have their consequences in Libra.

Libra represents therefore, the Law of Cause and Effect, or karma - hence the exaltation of Saturn, the Lord of Karma, in this sign. More ...


Virgo Full Moon 2013

World Events: The Glass Darkly
Ceres & Hygeia
Road to Damascus

Virgo is traditionally associated with diet, hygiene and purification. In the Johfra painting above, the virgin holds a sheaf of wheat, indicative of nurturing through food but also generally, as a loving nurturer and healer - Virgo, the Mother of the World. Hence the annual cycle of Virgo is an excellent period to initiate health regimes, fasts, exercise disciplines etc. Virgo facilitates attending to the micro-matters of health ... More ...


Leo Full Moon 2013: Sirian Blue Moon

Birth of Consciousness
The Month of August
Significance of 4
Leo and Regulus
Many Sirian Pathways
Sirius and the Egyptian Tradition

As detailed in the first Leo newsletter for 2013, this is the second of two Leo full moon festivals and hence a 'blue moon'; appropriate, as Sirius is the source of the blue Love-Wisdom energy, the very fabric of our entire solar system. Our Sun (or Solar Logos, 'Sol'), is the progeny or incarnation of that stupendous life we call Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky. More ...


Leo Full Moon 2013

Blue Moons
Leo and Gold
Leo Soul Brazil
Occupy the Heart:

Generosity and Kindness

This full moon period for July 22 is the first of two Leo full moon periods for 2013. Astrologically, a 'blue moon' is the second full moon that falls within the same astrological sign, not the same calendar month as is widely interpreted; it is therefore a potent doubling of energy associated with that zodiac sign. Blue moons are relatively rare and the last one that occurred in Leo was 2002. More ...