Mercury in Leo

Mercury here indicates the individualized expression. Physical, intellectual, and spiritual light is the radiation of being—in human terms, independent expression born of intuition. The thinker penetrates to the world of meaning by focused thought. This position underscores intuition as the essence of the Self, of true identity. Real knowledge radiates from a central point which is the life of the Individual. So the developed soul with this position carries his own torch.

Song is "Somehow the very central essence of us... as if all the rest were but wrappings and hulls." (Thomas Carlyle)

Meditation is "...the blending of the primary color of the Higher Self with the secondary hue of the Lower Self until beauty is achieved." (Alice Bailey)

" in the lives of those about you, seek in them and in all things the beauty, the element of the Eternal, that they contain, and strive to love that beauty." (John Gerard)

"Never did eye see the sun unless it had first become sunlike, and never can the soul have vision of the First Beauty unless itself be beautiful" (Plotinus)

"...beyond the Beauty that is predicated of various forms and relationships, there is a pure Transcendent Beauty, and this is a mode of the very Being of the SELF. This Beauty is not something that is beautiful. It is Self-existent and casts its luster upon all things... Ecstasy is pure Beauty, as well as pure Joy and Knowledge." (Pathways Through to Space) (James Davis

(EA298) [Mercury in relation to Leo]. Leo, being the fifth sign of the zodiac, counting from Aries via Taurus, and also the eighth signs, counting from Aries via Pisces, is closely related through numerical affinity with Mercury, who is esoterically called “the Messenger at the ‘eighth gate’”; Mercury was active at the time of individualization when the “eighth gate” was opened and a major initiation of our planetary Logos took place, producing, in the human kingdom, the process of individualization.

(EA299) [Relating Mercury to Leo]

Sirius                     Leo                        Mercury                 Saturn

Spirit                     Soul                       Mind                      Brain

Life                       Quality                  Illumination           Appearance

Inhalation               Interlude                Exhalation            Interlude

Mercury in Leo: MDR

1. Shedding the light of identity.

2. The intuition which reveals the archetype of identity. Soul light reveals personal distinctness and the unique role to be played by the personality.

3. Messages from the soul are declarative and authoritative. Once humility has been achieved, there is not much need for the soul/personality dialogue. The communications from above come as a fiat.

4. Intuitive mind reveals the full blaze of soul light. The mind is uniquely the revealer and the illuminator.

5. Brilliance of mind which is a reflection of soul light. Mind receives light without obscuration.

6. The mind identified with the ahamkaric principle; the mind capable (through pure reason) of dispelling the illusion of the ahamkaric principle. “Ahamkara” the principle of ‘I-ness’.

7. Communications which dramatize identity. In the highest sense, the dramatization of the soul, the pure identity.

8. Mind expressing in full radiance the content of the causal body.

9. As with Mercury in Aries, authentic, creative thinking deriving from one’s own soul-source.

10. Eloquence in expression, revealing identity; all mental/verbal transmissions embody the Self. The individual thinks from self and speaks from self whichever self it may be.

11. Intelligently ‘channeling’ the soul.

12. The ‘shining’ “Bridge of Light”.

13. The soul/personality ‘dialogue’ is as if between two ‘authorities’ the authority of the lower self and the authority of the Higher Self.

14. In this particular sign, the idea that “Mercury and the Sun are one” may be fulfilled.

15. Identification of the mind with soul light is so strong, that the ‘gap’ to be bridged does not seem as wide. It is said that the gap is not a fact in reality though it is so in consciousness. The advanced individual with Mercury in Leo senses the unreality of the gap. A mental synthesis uniting the apparently separated points already seems to exist.

16. The bridging process leads to the Presence. Communications to the “King” (the Presence), the Monad. The ‘distance from the center’ is not perceived as great.

17. Mercury in Leo, is capable of establishing right relations between soul and personality by revealing the true nature of the higher Identity, of which the lower identity is intended to be a reflection.

18. The conveyer to the personality of Atma (the Spiritual Will of the Triad).

19. The mind which leads easily (when advanced) into states of Identification.

20. The soul/personality conflict brought about by increased soul/personality

communication centers around the issue of whether the personality is living as an example of soul-identity (Self) or personal-identity (self).

21. The power to ‘speak the name of the soul’. Mind as an agent of authenticity of identity.

22. Uniqueness of expression, bearing the stamp of individuality

23. Power to create luminous thoughtforms.

24. Etc., in a similar vein.

Mercury in Virgo

(EA281) Mercury is exalted in this sign because the mother is necessarily ruled by her son, the Son of Mind who is also the Son of God. Of this son, she is the protector and is responsible for his development and slowly acquired experience. Mercury, being the Messenger of the Gods and the Agent of Their applied control, is therefore the agent of the third aspect (active intelligence) from one point of view, and of the second aspect (love-wisdom) from another. He is regarded as embodying in himself both these aspects of the mental principles, the expression of the concrete and the abstract mind of God. The lower concrete mind was unfolded in the first solar system and the higher abstract intuitional mind, the pure reason, is unfolding in this system. Mercury is the synthesis of manas-buddhi, mind-wisdom which expresses itself through the human soul; Mercury rules the bridge or antahkarana.

(EA549) [Mercury] is also the exoteric rulers of Virgo, the Mother of the Christ-Child, or the form and that which indwells the form.

(EA281) Mercury is exalted in Virgo. In Virgo, Mercury reaches his full power, for Virgo is intelligence, and the hidden Christ is wisdom or pure reason”.

Mercury in Virgo: MDR

1. Shedding the light of ‘correction’.

2. The mind “preparing the way” for the Christ Consciousness.

3. The cherishing and nurturing of thoughtforms: careful ‘brooding’

4. Inclines the mind to the interpretation of life in terms of material preparedness.

5. The intuition illumines the field of form.

6. The intuition reveals imperfections within the form. The mind discerns the flaws which will thwart the growth of spiritual energy.

7. The ‘messages’ from the soul seem to be critical and relate to the improvements which must be undertaken in the world of form, if form is to give birth to the Christ (soul consciousness).

8. The soul/personality dialogue relates to the theme of what must be done to become a better servant. The intuition reveals the ‘fine points’ of the art of practical service to the soul and to humanity.

9. Expertise in the art of “critical thinking’, detecting flaws in the process of reason, flaws as impediments to the process of “pure reason”.

10. The light brought from soul might be called the “light of preparation” discriminatively preparing the fields of form for the manifestation of the Son of Mind.

11. Just as the Fourth Ray Lord is called, the “Corrector of the Form,” so Mercury (distributing the fourth ray) when in Virgo, is particularly the Corrector of the Form.

12. Helps to establish right relations between soul and personality by illuminating where personal improvement is needed.

13. The Son becomes the ‘critic’ of the Mother.

14. The mind which discriminates in order to determine the fitness of the form.

15. The Antahkarana is built with precision and technical correctness. The ‘strands’ of the Antahkarana are constructed discriminatively and meticulously.

16. The mind reveals the areas within the personality fields which must be ‘cleaned’ and purified for the soul to properly manifest.

17. The mind reveals the ways of humility, the ways of humble preparation.

18. The mind attuned to the ways of the deva kingdom; facilitation of communication with the devas (angels), ruled by Virgo and Pleiades.

19. Mind adept at the processes of meditation. (Virgo rules meditation in the sequence: Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation, Illumination, Inspiration, Initiation, Identification.

20. Excellence in the structuring of thoughtforms.

21. Facility with the grammar and syntax of thought.

22. The “Son of Mind” as mental ‘task-master’.

23. The soul/personality conflict generated by soul/personality communication centers around the issue of personal fitness, personal worthiness.

Phillip Lindsay: The God of Speech is Hermes, or Mercury, who is also an agent of discrimination. Mercury-ruled Virgo is the sign associated with the mental discriminative processes and her shadow is criticality.

          To "discriminate" is to distinguish between what is "wheat" (Virgo) and "chaff", sorting the true from the untrue, essence from form, the useful from the useless. Virgo is associated closely with the process of meditation (EA228) - using "seed" thoughts.

          To digest (Virgo - lower intestines) "wheat" (thoughtforms) is to exercise the discriminative faculty. Loving speech is one result of success in this process.

          Verbal reaction to reflected (lunar) impressions, (Mercury in Gemini?) doesn't allow impression of consciousness to be filtered by the discriminating faculty, and be absorbed, digested and integrated (Virgo) into the mental processes, so that we can respond in a considered, balanced way.

          "Reflection" is contemplation, governed by Libra (EA228), who has weighed and balanced the harvest (of thought) from Virgo.

          By reacting, there is immediate gratification through verbal expression, but only superficial understanding (Gemini). Virgo's cultivated reticence or modesty allows "impressions" to be nurtured within the silent womb (Virgo) of right thought. Perhaps this relates to Virgo "working behind the scenes".

          Waste products of this process must also be released so as to avoid mental "constipation", or at the other extreme, verbal diahorrea. Virgo governs the lower intestines that are closely related to these processes.

          Hence Mercury in Virgo is also Aesceplius, the great Healer, and the Caduceus his symbol. The one who presides over the integration (integrity) of the three-fold form, vehicle of the soul:

          At a physical level through right nutrition and digestion; at an emotional level through controlled and balanced emotion; at a mental level by refining the mind through a developing discrimination. (EA254 - Eve, Isis, Mary)

          Mercury in Virgo is a powerful expression of the 2nd ray of "meticulous entirety", one of the two rays that come through this sign. Exoteric and esoteric scientific research is highly suited to its temperament. Perhaps Mercury's (monadic ?) ray 5 expression also comes through here.

          Mercury in Virgo stimulates the Virgoan Muse to great poetic, lyrical and creative written expression generally. The 4th ray is working here, as well as the 3rd ray, Mercury's personality aspect.

          Mercury in Virgo, with the right souls, may act as a messenger between the deva and human evolutions, for the deliberate purposes of human contact and learning about the building of all forms - plants, thoughtforms, planets etc.

Mercury in Libra


1. Ajna and Spiritual Triad connection. Mercury rules the ajna center in the advancing disciple, and the ajna center is that center through which the Spiritual Triad works at an advanced stage of evolution probably following the third degree. Thus, Mercury in Libra gives a special facility in the use of the abstract mind, often found in the mathematical mind (especially higher mathematics). This would be a mind well suited to discovering the abstract equations inherent in Nature.

2. A mind suited to an understanding of Occult Law

3. The major ray given for Mercury is R4, but I suggest that R3 and R5 are also prominent. With the R3 transmitted through Libra, there would be (if my ray assessment is correct) an emphasis upon R3.

4. A mind useful in unraveling karmic intricacies.

5. The ‘Word’ which is Law. Great statements which enunciate Divine Law, such as the “Golden Rule”.

6. Shedding the ‘light of cooperation’.

7. ‘Just-mindedness’; a mental process which intuitively strives to avoids excess, though, at first, the scales may tip wildly in the effort.

8. The mental process which reveals the narrow, razor-edged Path between the Pairs of Opposites the “Path of the Just”; this (on a lower turn of the spiral) is the Path of thoughts and actions which are neither entirely of the soul nor entirely of the personality, but represent a partnership between them.

9. On a higher turn of the spiral, the “Path of the Just, which shineth ever more unto the Perfect Day”, is the Path leading to Shamballa, which Libra, in a sense rules, since Shamballa is the “City of Peace”. Thus Mercury in Libra can be associated with the antahkarana when considering it as the Pathway to Shamballa. Clearly, one must know Occult Law in order to treat that Path.

10. Mercury in Libra intuitively reveals the “Golden Mean” which must determine relations between the “Pairs of Opposites”. (For practical purposes, the “Pairs of Opposites” can be considered, in this context, as the soul and personality.

11. The intuition preserves the balance between the male and female aspects of divinity; the soul is ‘male’ or positive to the personality, which is receptive or female. The soul also has its male and female parts, as does the personal human psyche. Mercury in Libra inclines one to be mindful to preserve the balance between the poles. In another way, the intelligent ‘uniter of poles’, or, colloquially, ‘match-maker’ between the poles.

12. The healing mind, in this sense that it understands the causes of the disharmony which creates ‘dis-ease’. Thus is knows the ways of reestablishing ‘right energy flow’.

13. ‘Karmic-mind’, foreseeing consequences of actions at many removes from the origin of action.

14. In general, the capacity for tact and foresight.

15. ‘Probabilistic mind’: facility for “weighing the odds”.

16. Since Libra rules “Supermind”, we see Mercury in Libra as the representative of Triadal Mind, or pure manas (easily associated with Saturn if the three synthesizing planets be linked to atma-buddhi-manas).

17. One can imagine a mind well suited at dealing with the Third Aspect of Divinity (Libra, R3); Mercury, considered to ruler commerce and exchange would function successfully in relation to the Law of Economy. Also, the mind functioning in relation to Law, Sex and Money (the three aspects over which Libra presides).

18. The intuition reveals that which is needed to create satisfaction and agreement between the two parties, soul and personality. Expert in the art of spiritual negotiation.

19. Mercury in Libra intuitively reveals the results of the consultation between soul and personality. When facing difficulties or decisions, soul and personality consult, mediation ensues, and thus the two ‘opposites’ can work cooperatively together. Thus, a mind which knows the ways of “righteous compromise”. A ‘deal is cut’ between soul and personality. This is all changed in Scorpio, where the soul must prevail at all costs.

20. The ‘messages from the soul’ pertain to the creation of right relations between soul and personality, and right relations between the personality and other personalities.

21. The Law of Magnetic Impulse is also called the “Law of Polar Union”, its symbol being the Triangle. It is Mercury symbolically, and perhaps actually/subtly which creates the links between the three triangles in the head of the soul-infused disciple.

22. Mercury in Libra: facilitation in the equilibrisation of the chakras; linking the ‘gods’ in a balanced manner.

23. The soul/personality dialogue focuses upon what each partner brings to the “marriage in the heavens”; grievances and infringements against equality are presented until correct, mutual adjustment is reached. The dialogue addresses the issue of whether each partner will have its due whether the rights of each will be preserved.

24. The mind as the judge of spiritual values; perhaps someone knows the role of Thoth (Mercury) in the ‘weighing’ of the soul of the defunct.

25. The light transmitted from the soul inclines towards the interpretation of experience according to the principles of justice and equal rights under the law.

26. The sane mind of the true disciple who lives a live of “sanctified normality” characterized by a “balanced point of view”.

27. The relationship between the partners (or Pair of Opposites) must be ruled by law; each partner has its rights under the law, and these rights are not to be infringed. The mind of judgment reveals what pertains to each and what are the prerogatives of each.

28. A facility for understanding Beauty as Truth.

29. Taoistic Mind, comfortable with ambiguity and paradox.

30. Facility with mental relativism.

31. The Bridge of Light (antahkarana) is build through mutual attentiveness and cooperation; no unevenness of effort is found; balance and right proportion are found in the construction.

32. Facility in the balancing of Invocation and Evocation.

33. Etc., as the associations occur to you. . . .

In all the above, Mercury is frequently considered the “mind”, but Venus cannot be ignored in any complete consideration of mental function; Saturn and Uranus as well, have their roles to play, and even Mars and the Moon can be linked.

We must remember that Mercury is associated with “Mind-Wisdom” and Venus with “Love-Wisdom.

Mercury in Libra

Under this correspondence the evolving mind begins to respond to the archetype of beauty, which eventually makes itself felt as a sense of harmonious proportion or arrangement of parts or elements.

Thought and intuition function more fully as the power and means of decision. In the developed soul it is the creative intelligence that selects and adapts with the aid of intuitive perception. This means choice is, or should be, governed by intelligence, harmony, and beauty. The concept of Beauty appeals to intuition because both words pertain to the same world of meaning. The practical consequences of higher response to this energy lead to refinement of language, harmony in relationships, and an illuminated sense of law, pattern, and purpose.

Mercury here links and fuses separate entities. Beauty is perceptible in the exterior world because of it speaks to its correspondence in the interior world. So beauty, spiritually considered, is the bridge between the subjective and objective nature. Ultimately, the "other" (person or object) becomes alive with unearthly beauty. Thus beauty acts as a force of unification, fusing "I" and "other" in unity.

Mercury in Scorpio

(EA360) [Mercury in relation to Scorpio] The influence of Mercury as it relates Scorpio and Gemini is to inaugurate that final stage in consciousness which will place the soul within the form surely in the place of power, swinging the earlier achieved balance and control definitely into the realm of the soul. It is this which, in the Scorpio experience, produces the terrific experience of the disciple and which, at this time, is one of the predisposing causes of the present world conflict.

(EA228) [Suggesting Mercury in relation to Scorpio] Scorpio Illumination the soul triumphs. Experience in Taurus consummated. Astral glamour dissipated. Soul light pours in. The path of Discipleship. The Disciple.

(EA180) [Suggesting Mercury in relation to Scorpio] In Scorpio the mind is released into full governing activity. This release takes place in two stages:

Stage 1 - Wherein the intellect becomes dominant and powerful and controls eventually the emotional nature.

Stage 2 - Wherein the intellect is illumined by the light of the soul.

The emphasis is laid upon the struggle of the personality to release itself from the grip of lower desire in the first case, and in the second to release itself from the surrounding world glamour which is revealed when soul light is thrown into it, via the reflecting and illumined mind. In Stage 1, the power of the trained reasoning and rationalizing mind is called into activity by the soul; in the other, the illumination of the soul must pour into the mind and is then reflected, like a searchlight, onto the astral plane. This takes place upon the Probationary Path and is called the experience of the disciple in the depths of the valleys.

(EA192) [Mercury in relation to Scorpio] . . . the power of the mind, having been developed, tested and found true in the sign Scorpio...

Mercury in Scorpio: MDR:

1. Ruler of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy (the Human). Cf. Esoteric Astrology, p. 34-35.

2. Conveying the power of Mantrikashakti. Ibid.

3. The Spirit (Human Monad) descends into ‘Hell’ (Scorpio) through sacrifice.

4. The power of the fourth ray strongly accentuated: Mercury R4 and Scorpio R4.

5. Shedding the light which shines in the depths.

6. Inclines to the interpretation of life in terms of eliminating obstacles.

7. The thought process ferrets-out all subterranean obstacles to transformation. Hence psycho-analytic mind, or exorcistic mind. As well, ‘detective’s mind’, applied in its occult connotation.

8. Intuitive illumination upon the Mysteries of Initiation. In general, the mind used to unveil and reveal mysteries.

9. The mind which unifies the conflicting ‘Dualities’ (only, of course, after the conflict has been intensified. We have Mercury the “Star of Conflict” expressing through the sign in which the ‘Dualities’ “fight to the death”.

10. Intuitions which reveal the Way of Sublimation, the way which transcends the battle between the warring poles.

11. Intuitions reveal essences.

12. In Scorpio the mind is empowered, as discussed above, EA 180. This must be especially so when Mercury is placed in this sign.

13. The release of the intuition arising from successful alchemical transformation. After the “death of the personality” (beginning with the second initiation) one can truly think.

14. The intuition which brings all that is hidden to light, whether in the psyche, in science or society, etc. The light which brings all into the “Light of Day” (the kind of “Light” associated with the sign Scorpio cf. EA, p. 330.)

15. Hence, the mental ability to bring light to the darkest places whether in self or others.

16. Hence, ‘Occult Mind’. The planet of Occultism, Uranus, is exalted in this sign, and Uranus is said to be the “higher octave” of Mercury.

17. The soul/personality dialogue relates to the theme of what factors within the personality must ‘die’ if the soul is to ‘live’.

18. The messages borne from soul thus relate to necessary eradications.

19. The uncompromising Word of the Soul demanding sacrifice; the “Word of Death”. Let us bear in mind that the Law of Sacrifice is ruled by R4, and hence must have a strong resonance to both Mercury and Scorpio (especially when combined). The Monad, from one perspective, can be considered a “Lord of Persevering, Ceaseless Devotion”, coming forth upon a sacrificial mission of redemption. Both Venus and Mercury are sacrificially related to the Earth.

20. The mental process which can reveal all obstacles to the bridging process; the mind which penetrates into the secret and unknown areas, including those areas of consciousness associated with the bridging process; transmutation must always precede successful bridging.

21. The mental process relating to the rising of Kundalini. Mercury is often associated with the center at the base of the spine; Mercury is the Caduceus; Scorpio is always associated with the “Serpent” and the “Serpent Fire”. The rising of Kundalini is a purgation, a burning ground (and an ultimate synthesis over which Mercury also rules). Kundalini is activated by thought, and this activation originates within the ajna center, and is directed therefrom. Mercury rules the ajna center at advanced stages.

22. The soul/personality dialogue centers upon the demand of the soul for necessary detachments and eradications, and the willingness or non-willingness of the personality to comply.

23. The soul/personality conflict generated by increased soul/personality communication centers around the issue of whether the personality will sacrifice that which the intuition indicates must be sacrificed so the soul may be victorious and dominate.

24. The mind as the slayer of (the ‘serpent’ of) illusion.

25. Truth as ‘destroyer’.

26. In the Antahkarana Process, the capacity to build a very intense “point of tension” prior to visualization and projection.

27. In the process of Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation, Illumination, Inspiration, Initiation, Identification Mercury in Scorpio would be associated, especially, with Illumination.

28. Depth of capacity for “Spiritual Reading”; decoding the encrypted ‘messages of Nature’.

29. The mind as a consecrated ‘triadal tool’ in the wielding of the Law of Repulse. See Esoteric Psychology II, under Laws of the Soul, around the 160s. The Law of Repulse is possible only for those who are mentally polarized. This Law of the Soul is the first of three Laws originating from the Spiritual Triad.

30. The servant of the buddhic plane. Both Mercury (R4) and Scorpio (R4) are resonantly related to the plane of intuition, the buddhic plane (plane #4).

31. The mind which discriminates between the ‘living’ and the ‘dead’. Spiritual ‘pathology’. Real Life only begins upon the buddhic plane (the first cosmic ether).

32. Special capacity for building the second part of the Antahkarana that which unites the mental unit with the buddhic plane.

33. Capacity to shed the light of mind into the field of glamour, hence very useful in the destruction of glamour.

34. Etc. As associations and experience indicate to you. . . .  

Mercury is in deep resonance with Scorpio. For those who live up to it, this placement stimulates expression of the highest potentials of the sign.

Mercury is the light of the conqueror, and in this connection is indicator of success in the struggle for illumination. It inspires sacrifice and battle in a good cause. It is a sign of subtle spiritual testing and symbolizes obstacles that prove illuminating.

"Let us not fear testings, for we shall be strengthened by them. Blessed are the obstacles... Everything is tested, all worlds are on trial. This is not cause for terror, but a source of broadening the consciousness, a key to vigor and success." (The Invincible, Nicholas Roerich)

"In the cross is hidden light." (The Rays and Initiations)

Mercury here signifies the possibility of mystical perception and transcendental Beauty. It presses the aspiring soul toward expression of harmony and beauty.

"A deeper transport and a mightier thrill,

Than comes of commerce with mortality." (Tennyson)

The soul responds to the principle of beauty inherent in all contrast, and the mystic voice is evoked by intense experience of spiritual and material life.

"Who in this mortal life would see,

The light that is beyond all lght,

Beholds it best by fairing forth,

Within the darkness of the Night." (Johann Scheffler)

This position might be termed "the spirit of music." At the same time, it illuminates the nature of desire and of what the Christians have sought to understand under the term "temptation." The argonauts were able to resist the sirens, because Orpheus was with them, and his song was sweeter than theirs.

"Go deep enough, there is music everywhere." (Carlyle)

"Light carries the depth of the soul by storm.

Music holds it till the end." (Oracle)

SYMBOLS: The sign of infinity.

The Eagle who, in mythology, conducted souls to immortality. A cross of light. A storm of light. The crown of thorns becomes the aureole of light.


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