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Esoteric Astrology

Astroheal: The Astrology of Healing with Ingrid Naiman. Excellent material from one of the leading exponents in the field.

AstroNova: Niklas Nilhen's unique brand of Esoteric Astrology.

AstroQab: An unique mixture of Esoteric Astrology and Qabbalah, richly presented by Patrick Mulcahy.

Atmanet: Large resources Esoteric Astrology and the Ageless Wisdom.

Esoteric Astrology: Collected essays on Esoteric Astrology from Adele Wilson et al.

Esoteric Astrology: Writings from Danish astrologer Holger Stravensberg.

Esoteric Astrology: Astrology & the Seven Rays, original approaches and well presented in-depth material from "Mo".

Esoteric Astrology - James Davis' Research Page.

Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute: Writings from Risa D'Angeles, head of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute. "Night Light News".

SelfSearch - Ray Analysis with James Davis

Ageless Wisdom

Agni Yoga: The complete down-loadable collection of the Agni Yoga series of books by Helena Roerich.

Alexandria: The Library of Alexandria was the meeting place where philosophical, spiritual, and cosmological teachings flowed together to create vital new syntheses and a flourishing cultural environment.

Alice A. Bailey: Lucis Trust - Publishers of Alice A. Bailey books and CD Rom. 

Atmanet: Large resources for the Ageless Wisdom.

Blavatsky's Writings: Download most of H.P. Blavatsky's writings.

BlavatskyNet: Teachings of H.P. Blavatsky and Theosophy.

Blavatsky Online Reading Room: Accesses complete texts of all Blavatsky's writings plus others.

Center for Purposeful Living: Formerly the University for the Study of Human Goodness. Mission Statement: (1) Stimulate and facilitate the expression of human goodness, and foster its recognition as an innate human quality in everyone. (2) Research, document, demonstrate, and disseminate innovative and effective practices in the fields of voluntary service, education, and human organization and relations. (3) Assist people to clarify their own sense of meaning and purpose, and to develop the skills and means to achieve them.

Centre for Esoteric Studies: Canadian school for the Ageless Wisdom and conference conveners.

David Pratt's "Exploring Theosophy": Excellent, extensive and in-depth essays on some of the deepest mysteries. A most generous contribution.

Eastern Tradition Research Institute: Indispensible writings by David Reigle for the serious student on the eastern teachings in relation to those of H.P. Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey: "It is our specific aim to trace the secret "Book of Dzyan" and "Book of the Golden Precepts", the basis of H. P. Blavatsky's books, The Secret Doctrine and The Voice of the Silence."

Esoteric Philosophy Links: Alice Bailey / The Tibetan. Astrology. Theosophy. Western Schools. Western Traditions. Alternative Science. Book Publishers and Bookstores. Other Eclectic Teachings and Traditions. Other Lists of Links.

Esoteric Science of Consciousness: The First Esoteric Center in Lebanon and the Arab Countries - In Arabic Language.

Esoteric Weblink Index: Links to a wide range of subjects.

Full Moon Meditations Our goals are to: 1. Provide information on starting a full moon meditation group. 2. Provide groups worldwide an opportunity to list their full moon meditations. 3. Provide individuals worldwide a place to find a full moon meditation group. 4. Provide links to websites with additional information about full moon meditations.

in Jerusalem As a learning centre for right human relations, works to improve human relations on the personal and societal level, based on the principle of “Unity in Diversity”. Hechal works on an individual, inner level and a public, outer level. On the inner level it runs a School offering various courses and activities aimed at deepening the understanding of the human nature in its wholeness (psychological and spiritual) and the experiential study of group work and group relationships. A special focus of the School lies on introducing the practice of meditation and universal values into public education in Israel. Another public aspect of Hechal’s work focuses on facilitating the transition into greater integration among the various religious and spiritual communities in Jerusalem and in the world, through a variety of lectures, courses and events.

Hidden History of Humanity An alternative to 'consensus' history based upon esoteric texts and ancient scriptures from all traditions.

Intuition in Service: New Zealand site dedicated to the Ageless Wisdom.

Isis Unveiled: The complete text by H.P. Blavatsky.

Lucis Trust: Publishers of Alice A. Bailey books/CD. Purchase books online. The Arcane School. World Goodwill.

Makara Seeks to synthesise the work of several esoteric authors into a large unified scheme.

Manly Palmer Hall: The Philosophical Research Society was founded in 1934 by Manly P. Hall (1901-1990), and has been publishing classical works in the field of comparative religion and philosophy for over sixty years.

Masonry: Grand Lodge Ancient Universal Mysteries (AUM) Inc.

Methuselah Project
The Methuselah Project is an initiative by a group of students of the Ageless Wisdom that seeks to address the unique plight of the Jewish people today - from the subjective & objective viewpoints. It offers a broad range of perspectives from esoteric students, both Jewish and Non-Jewish, clarifying controversial ideas related to the Jewish situation that are found in the Ageless Wisdom literature.

Mysteries of Mithras: Explorations of this ancient theme by David Ulansey.

Nag Hammadi Library: Complete Nag Hammadi texts on-line.

Occult Glossary: Combined mega-glossary from many Theosophical sources.

Roerich Museum: Nicholas Roerich's paintings and philosophy.

Sacred Geometry: Bruce Rawles' prolific diagrams and text.

School for Esoteric Studies: Correspondence school to help train students to prepare themselves for discipleship. Featuring transcribed talks by Alice A. Bailey.

Sophia Vermont: 22 Meditations on the Sepher Yetzirah. Esoteric Christianity, Geometry Christian Hermeticism.

Sound Toning: Jonathon Goldman's toning, spiritual music and healing sounds.

Search for Common Ground - Common Ground News Service Fills Media Void Provides Outlet for Voices of Moderation. Was created in 2000 to amplify constructive and thoughtful voices on Muslim-Western issues and the Arab-Israeli conflict. It has had nearly 7,000 reprints in 650 publications around the world, and has developed a vast network of contributing scholars, politicians and citizens across the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the United States.

Secret Doctrine: H.P. Blavatsky's complete magnum opus.

Sydney Goodwill: Distributors for the Alice Bailey books and facilitators for regular full moon meditations in Sydney, Australia.

Symbols: Western symbols, ideograms.

The Living Spirits Italian and English speaking site based in Milan.

The Spirituality Unity Network (SUN) - 'Serving an evolving Humanity'.

Tikkun and the NSP (Network of Spiritual Progressives) Four basic tenets: 1. Foster a New Bottom Line of love, generosity & ecological sensitivity in our economy, education, media, & government. 2. Foster a new global consciousness and solidarity. 3. Promote awe, radical amazement, gratitude & developing an inner spiritual life. 4. Challenge the misuse of God & religion by the Religious Right and religio-phobia on the Left.

University of the Seven Rays
Curriculums, books, activities.

Uriel: Resources for the writings of Master DK by Dr. John Nash.

Van Morrison: References to the Ageless Wisdom in his lyrics and music.

White Mountain Education Association: Ageless Wisdom from Blavatsky, Bailey and Roerich.

Wisdom School: U.S.-based school founded by astrologer Alan Oken.

World Sevice Group: The purpose of this website is to provide meditators and students alike with all the resources they need to participate in the full moon meditations every month. Commentaries by long-time meditators, meditation formats and other resource material are also available.

Art & Poetry

Artist Richard Thomas: Astrological images of high quality. Email.

Chaos and Fractals
Comprehensive site covering all aspects of fractals.

Crop Circles: Updates of latest circles from Wiltshire England.

Crop Circle Mandalas: Latest sacred geometry in the fields of old Albion.

Fractals: Big Al's - 132 beautiful images to download.

Roerich Museum: Nicholas Roerich's paintings and philosophy.

William Blake Archive: Search facility for all the art and poetry of William Blake.


Apollon - The Journal of Psychological Astrology.

A.R.H.A.T.: Archives for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts - Robert Hand.

AstroDatabank: Lois Rodden's amazing and generous resources of accurate astrological data with extensive biographies and readers' forums.

AstroUniversity: Dedicated wholly and solely to political and mundane astrology.

Astrology Weekly Astrology articles and information updated weekly. Very good site showing many facets of exoteric astrology at a glance with fast loading pages.

A.T. Mann's Sacred Art and Astrology: Astrology and Mandalas.

Celestial Forecaster:

C.U.R.A.: University Centre for Astrological Research. For researchers, practitioners and sympathizers of astrology, anthropologists, philosophers and epistemologists.

F.A.A.: Federation of Australian Astrologers.

Fixed Stars, Constellations: Diana Rosenberg's fantastic compendium on fixed stars. 

Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences: High academic standard of astrological education.

Mountain Astrologer: Leading U.S. magazine.

National Council for Geocosmic Research: Exploring the relationship between man and cosmos.

Nick Campion: Wide variety from the UK, specialising in Mundane Astrology.

Planetos: Gauquelin's Data Research.

Prague Zodiac: Esoteric and mystical essence of this town via the central theme of the so-called Prague Zodiac.

Project Hindsight: Hellenistic astrology, based upon Robert Schmidt's translation of ancient Greek texts.

Universal Astrology - Australian author and teacher Maggie Kerr's excellent resources for courses books and articles.

Welcome to Planet Earth: Great Bear Astrological Centre in Oregon: Magazine and e-zine.

Zodiacal Zephyr: Vast Astrological Resources, (U.SA.)


Auroral Activity of the Earth: Satellite maps and statistical patterns of auroral particle power - intensities of aurora  geomagnetic fluctuations that result from electrical currents flowing in the ionosphere.

Earth View: Satellite view of the Earth for any location - just punch in the co-ordinates. Zoom-in.

Eclipses: All about eclipses from the Solar Data Analysis Centre. Links to other eclipse sites.

Eclipses: Catalogue of  the longest solar eclipses -2999 to 4000.

Native American Astronomy: American Indian Astronomy, Medicine Wheel.


Apollo Publishing: Books on Esoteric Astrology and the Ageless Wisdom.

Lucis TrustPublishers and distributors of the Alice A. Bailey books and CD.

Source Publications: Fine Books on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

Cycles and Time

Calendars, Time and Chronology: Cultural, religious, astronomical, astrological.

Doctrine of Cycles: Theosophical view by Lydia Ross.

History of Time: Brief History of Time - by Chris Weinkopf, from Thales to Callippus.

Esoteric Healing

Astroheal: The Astrology of Healing with Ingrid Naiman. Excellent material from one of the leading exponents in the field.

Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment - with Ingrid Naiman.

Egyptian Medicine: Great resources to the ancient wisdom of Egypt.

Esoteric Healing: Alan Hopking shares his approach to healing, herbs and wholeness. His publications.

Esoteric Healing New York: Esoteric healing courses in the New York area.

Esoteric - Esoteric Healing resources and courses.

INEH: International Network of Esoteric Healing - is a group of people dedicated to the practice and study of Esoteric Healing.

KitchenDoctor: Wholistic Healing and Nutrition with Ingrid Naiman.