Libra and Money

In the article on the 2001 Decision chart it was noted that the grand cross in cardinal signs was related very much to money and resources and it is no less so now in 2003. Recent commentaries of Saturn’s current passage through Cancer reinforce this view, of getting by with less, consolidating resources and so on. This may be relevant, particularly in light lately of an increasing number of people in big business caught siphoning off enormous sums of money from their companies and shareholders.

The Tibetan tells us in Esoteric Astrology that Libra relates esoterically to three main themes: (1) The Law, (2) Sex and (3) Money: 1. The Law relates to the scales of justice and the alignment of earthly laws with cosmic laws. 2. Sex as a prime attractive force (“affinity”) in the area of relationships and marriage - which Libra traditionally rules. 3. Money, weighed in the scales, as the energy of trade and exchange and fair transactions. (The harvest of Virgo is sold and traded in the following sign of Libra)

All three themes are related to the three aspects of divinity, will, love and intelligence respectively, and all three are involved in the production of money. For instance, part of the following illustrates the role of love or ‘affinity’ as DK also refers to it, and its relation to money:

“This whole question of money is one of the greatest difficulty at this time and also one of the utmost simplicity. The difficulty is due to the wrong thought which, for generations, has been brought to bear upon the problem, leading to wrong attitudes, even among the most devoted disciples. The attitude of humanity to money has been coloured by greed, by grasping for the lower self, by jealousy, by material desire and by the heart-breaking need for it which—in its turn—is the result of these wrong attitudes. These wrong attitudes lead to the disastrous economic conditions which we find all around us. They are effects of causes which are initiated by man himself.

In the re-generation of money and in the changing of man's attitude to it will eventually come world release. If this cannot take place, then some dire condition will arise; money (as we know it) will vanish off the earth and the situation will have to be met in some other way. Let us hope that this will not be needed but that it will be possible to change the thought of humanity where money is concerned so that it will be regarded as a great spiritual asset, as a definite spiritual responsibility and as a means to real world work. The custodians of money will then shoulder their responsibility without fear and with due understanding. At present, they hold on to it through fear of the future and distrust of each other. The key to the right expenditure of money and to its correct use can be summed up in the following statement to which I would ask all of you to pay attention:

As money has in the past ministered to personal and family need, so in the future it must minister to group and world need. Each unit has, in the past, attempted to act as a magnet and to attract to itself that which will meet what it regards as its need—using personal activity and labour, if of no influence or education, and financial manipulation where that was possible.

Groups in the future must act as magnets; they must see to it that they are animated by a spirit of love. I give you a thought here which is capable of much expansion. Need, love and magnetic power are the three things which—consciously or unconsciously—attract money. But they must all manifest at once. The need in the past has not always been real, though it has been felt (such is the world glamour and illusion). The love has been selfish or unreal; the demand for things material has been for that which is not necessary to health or happiness. The magnetic force utilised has been, therefore, wrongly motivated and this process—carried forward over so long a time—has led to the present dire financial situation in the world.

By the transmutation of these factors and the expression of their higher correspondences—through right love, right thought or meditation and right technique—the financial requirements of the new groups and of the New Group of World Servers will be found. I would suggest that an elaboration of these ideas should be disseminated among all whom you know who could help. I would ask you to ponder much on these ideas for, in the education of the intelligent world servers, this question of money and of right attitudes towards money and right meditation upon money must be boldly faced.

The emphasis laid by certain large groups on meditation for the raising of funds (usually for personal use or for the selfish ends of their own particular organisation or group) has been based upon this emerging concept of the group use of money. Being, however, selfishly and personally interested, the money was thought of in relation to the individual and not in relation to the group. This attitude must and will be changed.

One thing more I would ask of you, my brother, and of the group who read my words. Money is the manifestation of energy. All energy can be applied in differing ways, being in itself an impersonal and blind force. It can be selfishly or unselfishly used. That, in itself, constitutes the main difference. Motive and creative thought determine the magnetic power of any individual, group or centre. Determine your motive; see that your group ideal and group love are dominant; use skill in action; this will involve right preliminary meditation, plus correct thinking; then you will find that that which you need will be forthcoming.[1]

Uranus, ruler of the seventh ray and the Aquarian cycle which we are entering, relates to the principle of materialising, the bringing together of spirit into matter. The seventh ray and the seventh plane – the physical – have a close relation and concern the mystery of the production of money. The seventh ray is also specifically about finance, ‘the management of public revenues’, and hence is related to Aquarius and the group process.

The sacral centre, which relates to the manifestation of ideas, is ruled by Uranus, also the soul ruler of Libra. Most associate the sacral centre with sex, which can certainly manifest an ‘idea’ of a new body for a soul to incarnate in. And Libra is known as the place where the ‘balancing of desire’ takes place.However, the sacral has an intimate relation to the throat centre through which the mental body expresses. Ideas that emanate from the throat, find their manifestation via the sacral.

The throat centre is ruled by Saturn, ruler of the third ray or ‘third aspect’, of which money is an expression. Saturn is also ‘exalted’ in Libra and the third ray the only one to pass through this sign.

The throat is about ‘creation’, whilst the sacral, ‘procreation’ – in an obvious sexual sense but also in terms of its literal meaning – 'to produce or bring into being'. That’s why Libra is a noted sign for its,

“… effectiveness upon the physical plane and the power of the developed Libran to project the inner spiritual purpose or intended will into physical expression. An instance of a person, equipped to do this, can be seen in H. P. Blavatsky.”[2]

H.P.B. had the Moon in Libra, with Libra rising in her conception horoscope. Interestingly enough she had some major challenges with money in her life.

We can see what DK means when he says that Libra would come into prominent expression in the planetary horoscope at the end of the twentieth century. Could there possibly be anything else which engages or engrosses Humanity more completely than the themes of sex and money? The money theme for ‘esoteric workers’ gives pause for thought:

“…the metaphysical schools and the esoteric groups have given much thought to this business of directing money into channels which appeal to them. The question is often asked: Why do the Unity School of thought, the Christian Science Church, and many New Thought movements always manage to accumulate the required funds, whilst other groups, and particularly the esoteric groups, do not? Why do truly spiritual workers seem unable to materialise what they need? The answer is a simple one. Those groups and workers who are the closest to the spiritual ideal are as a house divided against itself. Their main interest is on abstract spiritual levels, and they have not apparently grasped the fact that the physical plane, when motivated from the spiritual levels, is of equal importance. The large metaphysical schools are focussed on making a material demonstration, and so great is their emphasis and so one-pointed is their approach that they get what they demand; they have to learn that the demand and its answer must be the result of spiritual purpose, and that that which is demanded must not be for the use of the separated self or for a separative organisation or church.”[3]

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Libra in America’s Horoscope

Returning to the full moon chart of Libra 2003. The grand cross here is an enormous challenge on the theme of money (Libra) and the sharing of resources from mother earth (Cancer). The current US government seeks approval for $87 billion to help the restoration of Iraq. America has its Sun in Cancer, moving into the eighth house – the house of ‘other people’s money’ – the taxpayer!

Currently transiting Saturn is moving over America’s Cancer Sun position (also shared by Bush), and will no doubt reflect the restrictions that this huge sum may impose upon the domestic economy. America’s Cancer Sun is natally square Saturn in Libra - relating to issues around Law and Order and fairness and equality for all.

Transiting Saturn in Cancer is also bringing into focus for America’s Cancer Sun the theme of ‘homeland security’ – no truer phrase for a Cancer Sun square Saturn!

Saturn square the Cancer Sun can have a tendency to be controlling and interfering on foreign matters (Sun rules the ninth house of foreign nations). This is a fine line that America treads, as she has a spiritual responsibility on the one hand to lead the world and uphold its constitution, yet to also let others be.

The rights to freedom contained with the Declaration of Independence were ultimately hammered out for Humanity. Libra in this respect is about Liberation from tyranny and injustice, but the irony with the Sun square Saturn aspect is that it can be most unjust at times.

Therefore the grand cross of Libra 2003 triggers America’s Sun-Saturn square from both ends. Saturn’s ongoing transit (lasting intermittently for the next year) is serious enough to put the nation under great duress financially, if not to eventually break the government or Bush – or both. Bush’s Moon in Libra square Sun in Cancer is overlaid by America’s Saturn in Libra square Sun in Cancer, a curious alignment, with both being triggered simultaneously. One of the most important things happening with Bush at the moment is that he is becoming increasingly unpopular and is under alot of pressure. His body language and general demeanour currently reflect this and is mainly due to Saturn's influence upon his Sun.

It must be remembered also that the chart discussed above relates more to the capital Washington and the directives which emanate from there. The esoteric chart for America is Aquarius rising (soul) with a Gemini Sun (personality). Curiously, DK gives Washington a Cancer soul (rising) and Sagittarian personality (Sun), which is the reverse of the chart we have been considering: Cancer personality (Sun) with Sagittarius rising (soul). Nevertheless the energy of Cancer is strong in both charts.

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Libra and Electricity Blackouts


Recently, yet another nation has succumbed to a power blackout - Italy. This is becoming a regular trend in Western nations. Electricty is known esoterically as “Fire by Friction” and as a ‘third aspect’ force relates to Libra and the third ray which pours through it.

If money is energy and energy is being overused or mis-used, then perhaps Humanity is living beyond its means? This may also relate to the enormous worldwide credit card debt and perhaps bankruptcy is just around the corner – caused by: A lack of alignment with The Law? An abuse of Earth’s resources? The relentless one-pointed pursuit of spending, or ‘retail therapy’?:

“fear, or the love of purchasing, or the desire to give presents, or failure to realise that many small sums mount up into very large sums—all these things militate against financial generosity, and the reason always seems adequate.” [4]

It all comes down to what we value, whether it is a $5 donation toward something that engages our highest ideals or spending that money on something more frivolous.

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Libra and Relationships


The grand cross of this Libran period (2003) reflects some of the challenges of Saturn in Cancer:

“Saturn is in the home of its detriment and thus produces those difficult conditions and situations which will lead to the needed struggle. This makes Cancer a place of symbolic imprisonment and emphasises the pains and penalties of wrong orientation. It is the conflict of the soul with its environment…”[5]

Sun and Moon squaring Saturn (which opposes Chiron) can bring recognition of needs in the area of Cancerian themes: emotional and physical nurturement, tenderness and compassion, to name a few. Hence this grand cross could be seen applying to the world as a whole in terms of giving to the needy; in personal relationships it may relate to emotional nurturing. These are some of the challenges, not necessarily the point of least resistance which for many could  be a quite hard line approach, manifesting Saturn in Cancer’s lower octave expression. A recent example of this is a two-year old baby in America left to fend for itself for 19 days – and surviving!

Sun-Moon square to Saturn also relates to the challenge of commitment to long-term relationships. Libra is the sign of committed partnerships and marriage and Saturn relates to the long term cycle of 28 years – hence its exaltation when placed in Libra.

But what does the word ‘commitment’ really mean? The dictionary mentions words like ‘pledging’ and ‘engagement’, the latter an interesting word in terms of the ‘engagement’ before marriage. One engages in a dialogue that leads to mutual understanding and deeper intimacy. One pledges to a  process of dialogue, communication and listening, whether it is an individual couple, America to Iraq, Israel and Palestine or the UN to the world.

One of Libra's less redeeming features is around avoidance - whether that is avoiding relationship commitment or engaging in dialogue at all. A Libran might describe it as 'keeping options open'. It is related to the well known Libran trait of procrastination, where instead of making a decision, the problem is avoided altogether! This is also related to the third ray, the only one to pass through Libra, and the third ray glamour of 'diplomatic' deviousness and manipulation. The third ray Libran type can be an artful dodger - slippery and difficult to pin down, not unlike the sign Gemini.

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International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.)

The IAEA (23 Oct 1957, Vienna) is another Libran entity, having the Sun and three other planets placed there, quite a powerful combination, considering the work they have to do. One of their major roles as a nuclear watchdog is around the dis-arming of nations developing nuclear weapons. The Dalai Lama (Libra rising) discusses frequently the need for inner disarmament. Librans therefore can be thoroughly disarming and charming, but quite often caught up 'in a sea of trouble' - when polar opposite Aries is invoked!

IAEA also has a Scorpio Moon, well suited to the Plutonic theme of nuclear arms, as well as an ability to penetrate often devious and secretive nations' weapons programs. IAEA's Jupiter in Libra will be closely conjoined by the Sun at this Libra solar festival. The IAEA's director, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei brings much integrity to his position and is currently nominated for this year's Sakharov Human Rights Prize awarded by the European Parliament.

The IAEA has been very busy of late, particularly in negotiations with Iran and North Korea. Iran's chart (April 1, 1979. 3 pm. Tehran) shows only one placement in Libra, Pluto - which is most significant as it opposes Iran's Aries Sun. Atomic energy is closely associated with the first ray of Will-Power and the Shamballa force. Pluto is the co-ruler of this ray and opposes an Aries Sun which is a zodiacal conduit for the first ray, making a powerful combination for the national personality (Sun sign) - attracted to the awesome force of nuclear energy.

The full moon of Libra 2003 will fall very close to Iran's Pluto, triggering a need for secrecy and a possible power struggle with the IAEA. Whether IAEA's Jupiter will win out with diplomacy is also hard to tell. Despite the fact that Iran now has a more moderate leader (Rasanjani), this chart for Iran came about when the Ayotollah Khomeini came into power in 1979, with his extreme anti-western views and ruthless leadership. Therefore this chart/nation still carries much of that negativity, hence there is still much to integrate within its personality.

Phillip Lindsay © 2003

United Nations and Libra

The exoteric horoscope for the United Nations (Oct 24, 1945) has several planets in Libra, with a Libran ‘signature’ of a seventh house Sun in Scorpio. In moving into this cycle of greater maturity at its second Saturn return in Cancer (58-60 years) over the next two years, more than ever will the UN’s Libran skills of tact and diplomacy need to be employed, but also its polar opposite sign Aries’ - directness and straight talking.

The UN faces a very critical and crucial phase that will determine her impact in the world for the next 28 year cycle, and it is imperative that it emerge as a potent and empowered force. As a world “Hamlet” the UN must solve its dilemma of ‘to be or not be’ and ‘make a decision’ - to either ‘set forth into a sea of trouble’ or ‘endure the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’.

Or to put it otherwise, the UN as the World Arjuna cannot be paralysed with Libran indecision (through over-consensus) on the battlefield, the ‘field of Kurukshetra’. As Arjuna had to decide to war against members of his own family, so the UN will come to some difficult decisions within the family of nations (Saturn in Cancer). It will have to take stances and make choices.

This is a curious situation and runs directly parallel with the problems facing America – where she has acted because of her perception that the UN is a paper tiger. The impasse which now exists in the world is that many nations want the UN take control in Iraq, yet America and others are not ready to relinquish control because of the perception of a still very unstable situation.

Up until lately the dominant nations of the world have called the shots. The world is going through a transition period now that is moving from this old paradigm to one where all decisions will eventually be made by the community of nations through the United Nations. It is only a matter of time so may the forces of Libra the Peacemaker prevail.

As the world soul struggles to take control, humanity’s ‘Dweller on the Threshold’ faces off against the ‘Angel of the Presence’. That Dweller and Angel exist in all nations, yet some nations polarise more of these respective forces at one time or another. And so the oscillating process proceeds, as the Scales are balanced, tipping one way and then another. This is why the Sun ‘falls’ in Libra,

“…because again neither the personality nor the soul dominates in the man who is a pure Libran; a balance is achieved and thus they esoterically "tune each other out." Neither the voice of the personality nor of the soul is heard particularly but, as the Old Commentary puts it, "a gentle oscillation now proceeds.”[6]

A similar notion is in the statement that ‘Libra is the master of no-man’s-land’, literally an “area of unowned, unclaimed, or uninhabited land, an unoccupied area between opposing armies, or an anomalous, ambiguous, or indefinite area.”[7] The extraordinary wall that Israel is erecting for protection against suicide bombers, between herself and the Palestinians, has created one of these ‘no man’s lands’.

The Berlin Wall horoscope (Aug 13, 1961) shows the Libra-Aries axis ‘intercepted’, accentuating these qualities. It was during Libra in 1989 that East Germany's hard-line communist leadership was forced from power during the wave of democratisation that swept through eastern Europe. It was a few weeks later during the Scorpio period that Pluto’s destructive forces were harnessed and the ‘walls came tumblin’ down’.

May the world therefore engage in more ‘bridge-building’ exercises to span the great divides, through the cultivation of dialogue and relationship; throough the friendship of Libra, leading to understanding. Thereby will be strengthened the planetary ‘antahkarana’ (rainbow bridge), the path of light that leads to the expression of the World Soul.

Phillip Lindsay © 2003

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