by Phillip Lindsay



2015: Electric Fire. Thor. Russia UK USA. Andrea Lubitz and Germanwings
2014: Creative Process. Ideals. Rage & Revolution. Songkran. Flight MH370 (Pt.2)
2013: Death & Shamballa. 1st Ray. Uranus. Cymatics
2012: Cuzco. Sun God. Jesus, Catholic Church. 4th Initiation
2011: War & Peace, the US Constitution, Dennis Kucinich
Aries: Viva la (Nueva) Revolution!
Aries and the Cardinal Cross: Equinoxes and Solstices
Aries: Beginning the Spiritual New Year
Aries, Passover and the Jewish Scapegoat

Aries, Uranus and Revolution

2015: Wesak. Sound. Music. Art. Group Work. Kathmandu Earthquake. Darjeeling
2014: Wesak. Structure of Shamballa. World Servers. A New 9-Year Cycle.Israel
2013: Wesak. Divine Feminine. Sex. Mother of Illumination
2012: Venus. Alcyone. NGWS. Mayan Eclipse. Vulcan & Shiva
2011: The Way to Shamballa

2010: A Buddha or a Hitler
2010: Volcanoes, Vulcan and Mercury Retrograde
Taurus, Buddha and the Wesak Festival
Taurus the Bull: Sex, Sound and Shamballa
Taurus and the New Group of World Servers: Vehicle of the Aquarian Christ
Taurus: Shamballa, Kalachakra, Matter and Light
Taurus: Buddhist Kalachakra Teaching of Shamballa
Taurus: DK and Kalachakra


2014: Telepathy. Busiris. Russell Brand. Britain. Pentecost. World Invocation Day.
2013: Speech. Silence. Mantras. Breath. Etheric. Invocation Day

2012: Venus Eclipse. Mayans. Patrick White. Japan
2011: the Pentecost, Great Invocation and Meditation
2010: Relationships, Masonry and Avatars
Gemini and the Solar Plexus
Gemini, Speech and Meditation
Gemini, Harmlessness and Meditation

Gemini the Busy Bee and the Hive of the Heart

Gemini, Venus and Love Wisdom

The Gemini Christ:: “I am made all things to all men”


2014: The Mystery of Water, Blood & Neptune. Crop Circles. Samuel Barber
2013: Watery Matrix. Turkey's Soul. Crisis in USA. Theft. Secrecy

2012: USA Homelessness. Poverty. Economy. Pluto-Uranus
2011: Washington Kalachakra 2011. World Money Crisis
2010: Mother of the World, Glastonbury, Oil Spill 2010
Cancer, Mediumship and Child Prodigy Akiane
Cancer and the Birth of Humanity
Cancer and the Number 4
Cancer, the Avatar of Love and the Great Mother
Cancer, the Moon Chain and Sex
Cancer, the Third Ray and Survival
Cancer: Home Is Where the Heart Is
Cancer: Home is Planet Earth
Blackouts: Saturn in Cancer: Lessons in the Right Use of Energy?
Energy Centre Effects during Cancer


2014: Jupiter in Leo. Leadership. Mars in Scorpio. Israel-Gaza
2013: Blue Moons. Gold. Generosity. Brazil
2012: London Olympics. Kieron Williamson. James Holmes & Aurora
2011: Leo the Magnificent. Magic. Alchemy. Revolution. France
Leo-Virgo: The Mystery of the Sphinx
Leo: Sovereignty, Pride and Initiation

Leo, Individuality and Individualisation
Leo, Sirius and Initiation

Leo Neptune and Discipleship
Leo Blue Moons: A Tail of Two Lions
A Tail of Two Lions: The Esoteric Astrology of Two Leo Full Moons
Spiritual Group Leaders, Aquarius and Saturn in Leo


2014: Revelation. Cosmic Virgo. Six-Pointed Star. Celibacy & Sex
2013: Discernment. World Events. Ceres & Hygeia. Road to Damascus

2012: Pisces. Anders Breivik & Norway. Demeter-Isis, Persephone
2011: Kwan Yin. Abstinence, Purification. Sex. Steve Jobs 2011
2010: Virgo, Mystery Schools, Purification and Healing
Jupiter in Virgo
Jesus and the Virgin Mary


2014: War & Peace. Solar Storms. Jupiter in Leo. Mercury Retro. USA's Perpetual War.
2013: Essence of Libra. Money. Telepathy. Rumi & Roerich. The US Debt Crisis

2012: Shamballa. Book of the Dead. Mars & Scorpio. Israel
2011: Money. Steve Jobs' Transition. Corporations. Values
2010: Libra Blue Moon. Chile Miners. Nobel Prize. Europe Integration
2010: Libra No Man's Land. USA, 911 & Saturn 2010. Israel & Netanyahu
Libra, Saturn and Electricity Blackouts
Libra and Money
Libra and Relationships
Libra, Shamballa and the Integration of the NGWS

Libra, the Mystery of Sex and the Reversal of the Wheel
Libra, Legislation, Sex and Child Pornography


2014: Illusion. Initiation. Ophiucus the Serpent Bearer. Asceplius the Healer.
2013: Trials & Testings. The 4th Hierarchy. Narcissism & Ahamkara. Animals.
2012: Discipleship. Saturn in Scorpio. Japan. US Election 2012
2011: Occupy the Planet. Sirius. Qantas. Assange. Israel. FDR
2010: Scorpio and the Path of Discipleship
Scorpio and Halloween
Scorpio and Maya
Scorpio and Healing
Scorpio and the Astral Body
Scorpio and the Seventh Hydra of Pride


2014: Sagittarius the Adventurer. The Odyssey: Journey of Ulysses
2013: A Tribute to Nelson Mandela. Zodiac Sequence. Mars & Emotions
2012: Don Quixote. Spain. Spielberg. Mayans 2012. NGWS
2011: William Blake Visionary Artist and Poet
2010 (Part I) Consciousness, Sir David Attenborough
2010 (Part II) Wikileaks and Julian Assange
2010 (Part III) Julian Assange: His Horoscope and Rays
Sagittarius: The Relativity of Truth
Sagittarius Odysseus and Strider
Sagittarius, Silence and Language


2015: Sirius. Makara. Sex. Neptune. Christ. USA
2014: Grand Cross 2014. Birth-Death. Sugar. Jupiter. Peasantry. Japan
2013 Due to overlap of the cycles, the full moon fell in 2014.
2012: New Group of World Servers. Avatar. Mayan Prophecy
2012: Unicorn. Sea Goat. J.R.R. Tolkien. Lord of the Rings
2011: Blame and Responsibility, Redemption,
Capricorn the Goat
2008: Pluto Ingress into Capricorn
Exaltation of Mars in Capricorn - Monique Pommier
Capricorn Solstice: ‘Festival Week’ for The New Group of World Servers
Capricorn: Jesus and the Jewish Dispensation
Capricorn the Sea-Goat: Varuna and Neptune, the Sea Gods


2015: A New Renaissance. France. Charlie Hebdo. Spiritual Material Forces
2014: 11th house. Aquarian Shadow. Uranus 7th Ray. Sexuality. DK Picture.
2013: Waters of Life. Initiation. USA and Guns. Sandy Hook
2012: USA Aquarian Soul. Aquarian US Presidents. USA
2011: Selfish Service, Nikos Kazantzakis, Egypt's Revolution
2010: Invocation-Evocation, Community and the Future

Aquarius The Water Bearer: Humanitarian and Revolutionary

Become As Little Children: Religion and the Age of Aquarius
Spiritual Group Leaders, Aquarius and Saturn in Leo

The Ages of Aquarius and Pisces:Occult and Mystical Consciousness


2015: Astral Surfing. Sacrifice. Humour. Fomalhaut. Inquisition. Neptune in Pisces.
2014: Pluto, Soul Ruler of Pisces. Pink FLoyd. Prodigal Son. Putin.
2013: Way of the Mystic. Media Maya. Nazi Germany. 9/11 Revelation.
2012: Neptune Cycle. Civil War, Slavery. Drugs, Alcohol. Germany.
2011 (I): Little Dorrit: Little Buddha. Psychism. George Washington
2011 (II): A. Forgiveness the Keynote of Pisces. B. Japanese Tsunami 2011
2010: Addiction and Transformation: The Clash of the Ages
Pisces, the Christ and Gethsemane
Pisces, Duality and Mass Consciousness

Pisces, Pluto and Shamballa
Pisces, Science and Religion
The Ages of Aquarius and Pisces:Occult and Mystical Consciousness
The Astrology of Flight MH370: Parts I & II

Zodiac Signs: General

Aries, Taurus, Gemini - Three Spiritual Festivals
Esoteric Meanings of the Rising Signs - Adele Barger Wilson

Meditations on Planets in Signs - James Davis

Twelve Signs of the Zodiac - Michael D. Robbins
Twelve Signs on the Two Wheels - Peter Kubaska
Twelve Zodiacal Signs - Peter Kubaska
Constellations and Signs - Patrick Allessandra (password:jep)
Sidereal and Tropical Zodiacs - Niklas Nihlen

The Ages of Aquarius and Pisces:Occult and Mystical Consciousness
Pisces-Aquarius: Corporations, Rupert Murdoch and Fox News